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J&I Show

The latest JAKE AND IRA SHOW #7 will soon be out on YouTube! As on the post below stated, the new episode will include another blooper reel, the 2nd one we’ve compiled so far. Come back here to our website to find this new blooper reel.

Along with that, the YouTube link to our new episode will be available right here, exclusively on JAKEANDIRAMUSIC.COM, so keep watching here in the next little while!




Very well written comment Sonora. Fooled me for a while

Amie Smith

Thank you Jake and Ira for everything you do! I am a huge fan of your work and music and look forward to every time y’all post. I sit at my laptop and my living room in Atlanta just watching and waiting until you post something. And when you finally do I listen to it all day while I’m watering my flowers and eating bananas. I really like bananas! Do you? Anyways the reason for this post was I was wondering if I could join your band. I can play the piccolo flute very well (I’ve been taking lessons since I was 15) and really believe that I would be a nice touch to your music, not that it’s not good already. (Wow this is starting to sound more like a resume! Haha) Anyways, think about it and let me know what your decide. Here’s my number : 1 (770) 476-8821. Thank you and look forward to hearing more music. Keep it up youngsters!