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COVID-19 update

Hello all Jake and Ira followers! During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we are providing more “coronavirus-FREE” entertainment for you to watch and enjoy! If you haven’t watched our new JAKE AND IRA SHOW #6, go to YouTube and search that up. Among that, there is also another “blooper production” to go along with it, which is on the post right below this one. If your looking to waste some time, watch both and have some laughs... or not(depends on your sense of humour).

And as for us, I am doing fine. I don’t know about Jake, but I’m sure everything is going normal for him too, because he sure hasn’t stepped out of his log cabin for a while.

All that assumed, no, we are still hanging out and playing music, just like we usually do. More music work is being done, like working on a new JAKE AND IRA SHOW, and blooper reel #2. Stay tuned for more music!

That’s all the news for now, but keep watch for more entertainment!